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Online PDF/X-1a Vendors

As film output needs disappear, many output houses are changing their way of doing business in order to stay on top of today's digital demands. This trend has given way to the emergence of Online Service Bureaus, or Digital Ad Delivery Services. These services provide you with high-end digital ad files and proofs from the convenience of your office.



RIP Alliance

Please note that CMP Media is providing these prepress vendor listings as a service for our advertisers, but we are not associated with any of the above mentioned prepress vendors.

Organizations & Associations

DDAP's PDF-X Website
The DDAP Association has started a website packed with lots of news, tools and resources on PDF-X.

SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publication) sets forth specifications and tolerances in order to achieve consistent results throughout the web publication processes.

Software Resources

Apago (PDF/X-1)

Enfocus (PDF/X-1)

Adobe Systems